73 Million Sharks Need Your Help

13 Aug

*UPDATE* On Thursday, August 25th, California’s Senate Appropriations committee votes on Assembly Bill 376, a bill that would effectively ban the possession, sale, and trade of shark fins in the state.  California controls an estimated 85 percent of the shark fin trade in the U.S., so this legislation is critical. If passed, California would become the most prominent US state to show its support for shark conservation, after similar legislation passed in Hawaii, Washington, and Oregon.

AB 376 already passed the State Assembly by a vote of 65-8, with bipartisan support. But now its fate lies in the Senate.

“Finning” is the process by which sharks are hauled on deck, their fins are sliced off, and the maimed sharks are usually tossed overboard to drown or bleed to death since shark fins are considered much more valuable than shark meat. Every year fins from up to 73 million sharks are used for shark fin soup, an Asian delicacy that can fetch up to $100 USD per bowl. Currently, an estimated 1/3 of pelagic (open ocean) shark species are threatened with extinction.  As sharks play a vital role in the oceans, their depletion would cause irreparable damage to marine ecosystems.

More than a dozen organizations support the ban including The Asian Pacific American (APA) Ocean Harmony Alliance, WildAid, the Natural Resources Defense Council, the Humane Society of the United States, and the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

What can you do to lend your support?

If You Live in California:

Use this tool to find your state Senator. Call him or her TODAY to say, “I am a constituent and urge your support of A.B. 376 to prohibit the sale of shark fins in California.”  Your call will make a difference.

If You Live Elsewhere:

We still need your support.  Commit to shark conservation by signing our Global Shark Pledge.  Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates or sign up for our e-mail newsletter.


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